VERITAS Software/System Standards v1.0         2003/02/18


Platform: x86
Operating System: RedHat Linux 8.0
Data Format: HDF 1.4.5 (installed from src to /usr/local)
Scripting Language: Perl 5.80+
Language: C++
Compiler: gcc 3.2
GUI Library: Qt 3.1.1 (installed from src to /usr/local/qt_3.1.1)
Code Management: CVS 1.11+
Documentation: Doxygen 1.2.14+
Database: MySQL 3.23.52
Communications: omniORB 3.0.x & omniNotify 1.2 (installed from src to /usr/local)
Threading Package: ZThreads 2.2.10 (installed from src to /usr/local)
Histogram Package: ROOT (pending tests)
Coding Conventions: VERITAS Standards
Directory Structure: VERITAS-provided shared software goes into

VERITAS-provided private software goes into

Source-installed System Packages go in /usr/local/

Tarballs for System Packages go in

A few notes:

bulletWherever possible, we have tried to stick to packages which are installed with the Standard Operating System.  We suggest newer versions only when significant enhancements or bugfixes are present in those versions.
bulletPackages marked with a + are those in which minor version upgrades are likely to cause no compatibility problems.
bulletIf you find serious problems with any of the packages on the list, please let us know
bulletIf you come across installation or configuration tips which would be useful to your fellow collaboration members, please let us know and we will post them here.


Standards Committee:

Steve Fegan
John Quinn
Glenn Sembroski
Scott Wakely
Jeff Zweerink














Compilation Error referring to linux/AtomicCount.cxx with ZThreads 2.2.10 & RH 8.0:

This appears to be a problem with the header files which RedHat distributes.  To fix it,  go to your ZThread source directory, paste these commands, then re-run make.

mkdir include/asm
ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.4/include/asm-i386/atomic.h ./include/asm/atomic.h